During the last weeks of 1997, we researched the music of Italy, made contacts with people throughout Europe and the U.S. and, ultimately, developed what became the weekly radio show called Tempo Italiano®. Tempo Italiano, or Italian Time, was named by one of our dearest friends, Dr. Vincent Zaccheo during the planning stages of this weekly broadcast which, ultimately aired for the first time on January 4, 1998. 

Tempo Italiano, which airs every Sunday from 8am to Noon on AM 1470 as well as on the station's website, www.fox1470.com, was created as a means of helping people to recreate a small part of what is so vital to Italian Americans still today - their love of music.  The show is a mixture of Italian music from many generations plus selections of songs done by Italian-American artists.  The program also includes recollections about Italian life today and long ago - frequently shared by listeners who call into the show to provide these stories.  

We developed Tempo Italiano as a means of bringing happiness, joy and memories to our community through music. We also designed the programming so that it would encourage a renewal of the rich Italian heritage that is, so much, a part of our community. As a result, the show has been an incredible success and has also received tremendous media exposure. 

Tempo Italiano is also very active in our communities throughout the Lehigh Valley and Warren and Hunterdon Counties in New Jersey.   Over these past seventeen years, with the help of its many listeners and advertisers, Tempo Italiano has raised funding form many organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley.  In the early ears of Tempo Italiano, over $30,000.00 was raised to resurrect an empty lot on Northampton Street across from the State Theatre in Easton which became Villa Tempo Italiano.  The grand opening in July 2001 introduced fountains, gardens, trees, benches and two bocce courts for all of the communities to enjoy.  Although the park no longer exists, the memories of many happy times still exist in the hearts of many.

Over these past nineteen years Tempo Italiano has also been responsible for several fund-raising venues for other organizations in our communities, some of which include the Holy Cross Society, Notre Dame High School, Saint Anthony's Youth Center, Third Street Alliance for Women and Children, the Valley Health Foundation as well as the formation of the Tempo Italiano Easton Area High School Italian Honor Society Scholarship Fund.

About Tempo Italiano
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Villa Tempo Italiano in 2007