6 Qualities to Look for In Your Wedding Emcee & Disc Jockey

Wedding Emcee & Disc Jockey

You make many big decisions for your wedding day, including choosing the wedding emcee and disc jockey. The DJ holds the success of your reception in his hands. Choose a dry DJ and you’ll have an empty dance floor and little guest engagement. Choose a lively, fun DJ that works hard to get the guests excited and you’ll have a night you and your guests will remember forever.

Before you choose your wedding DJ, consider looking for the following qualities.


First and foremost, DJs represent a business. They should be professional. Not suit and tie professional, but able to present you with a package, services, and details about how they would run your night. Don’t choose a fly-by-night DJ that doesn’t have his own equipment, doesn’t offer a contract, and can’t tell you how the night will go.


DJs should engage the crowd. They have the mic and should use it. Crowds don’t always flock to the dance floor, even with great music playing. The right DJ will know just what to say and how to act to give your guests the courage to crowd the dance floor.

Some DJs do more than play music too. They may play games, take requests, or have other fun ways to get your guests involved in the fun. Decide what role you want your DJ to play and then ask specific questions regarding those roles to see which DJ fits the bill.


It’s not a requirement, but wouldn’t you love a DJ that has a good sense of humor – one that can make jokes to get the crowd going? Obviously, they need to be funny jokes or jokes that pertain to a diverse group of people. One of the best ways to test a DJ’s humor or how he interacts with the crowd is to see him in action. Ask if you can attend an event for a little while or at least see a video of him doing his thing.

Music Variety and Knowledge

DJs should have access to a wide variety of music. You may have a varied crowd. You and your spouse may even have different tastes in music. The right DJ will accommodate all music needs, covering all bases.

Do you want a DJ that takes requests? Do you want a DJ that knows all styles of music? These are important questions when you look around at different DJs. Ask for specific examples of the types of music he will play at your event. If you are a music buff, go ahead and ask questions of the DJ to see his level of expertise.


The DJ runs the show, but it’s still your show. You want a DJ that cooperates with your vision. Be open and honest with each DJ you talk to. Let him know what you expect out of the night. Watch his reaction. Is it something he’s comfortable with or will he stick to his normal routine, ignoring your requests?


Rookie DJs have to start somewhere, but your special day probably isn’t the best place. How much experience do you want a DJ to have? More experienced DJs typically cost a little more, but they provide the experience you want.

Again, ask to see videos of his work or go see him live in action. You may find that a newer DJ has mad skills that you want at your wedding. If experience is important to you, ask the DJ how many weddings he has performed at and if you can talk to any of the couples that used his services.

Putting it All Together

Finding the right DJ takes time. Remember, it’s one of the most important parts of your night, aside from the ceremony itself. The DJ plays an integral role in the success of your reception. Find the DJ that provides the services you need, cooperates, has experience, and is engaging to ensure you have the night of your life.