How Much to Budget for Your Wedding DJ?

Wedding DJ Songs

A wedding DJ is more than someone to play music. The DJ holds the entertainment in the palm of his hand. The right person will have the crowd on the dance floor and interact with them all night long. He will also play the music that gets the crowd going, not just play a standard playlist and hope for the best.

What does services like this cost? On average, expect to pay around $1,000. This amount could be higher or lower depending on the date and location of the wedding. It may also vary based on the chosen package.

We help you understand some of the most important details below.

How Much Time do you Need?

The typical DJ is at your wedding reception for four to five hours. If you need more time, you’ll obviously pay more. If you need to shave your budget down slightly, hire the DJ strictly for after dinner. During cocktail hour and dinner, you can hook up an iPad and play soft music to keep your guests relaxed while they mingle.

If money isn’t an obstacle, consider how many hours are ideal. Do you want the DJ to provide the cocktail music, introductions, background dinner music and then all of the fun after dinner? How many hours does your venue include for dancing and fun after dinner? This will all help determine the time you need the DJ. Don’t forget to ask about any overtime charges should you decide you don’t want the night to end.

Does the DJ Have to Prepare for Your Wedding?

Full-time DJs that do nothing but handle weddings offer more services than just music. Their preparation starts long before your big day. They’ll meet with you to discuss your desires for the night. This includes your desired playlist and activities. The number of hours the DJ must put in before your big day may determine the total costs.

What Services Does the DJ Provide?

DJs do more than play music. They make announcements, like we discussed, but they can also lead games or other interactive activities throughout the night. Some DJs also offer lighting and photo booths. The extra equipment and services add to the cost of your package.

Ask the DJ company questions about what’s included and what may cost extra. For example, with a photo booth, how many pictures are included? Does the package include an attendant to watch over the photo booth for you? These are things you’ll need to figure into your budget.

When are you Getting Married?

If you get married during popular times, such as late summer or early fall, wedding DJs are in hot demand. The more booked they become, the more they charge. If you book a wedding during slower times, such as the winter, you may score a better deal.

Even if you get married during a busy time of year, DJs may offer a better deal for a Friday night or Sunday night wedding, versus the popular Saturday night wedding. If money is an issue, ask DJs about their ‘bargain’ dates to see if they fit within your schedule.

Planning Your Wedding Budget

Planning your budget for the DJ is important. Once you choose the venue, you’ll want to secure services that will make your night perfect. The DJ and the photographer are two of the most important vendors you’ll need for your wedding night. Keep a decent part of your wedding budget for the music as it sets the tone for the night and helps create lifelong memories for you and your guests.