Questions to Ask your Wedding DJ Before Hiring

Wedding DJ

Your wedding DJ does more than play music. He brings the energy and level of fun to your special day. The best DJ plays the right music and interacts with the guests. Don’t assume each DJ is the same or offers the services you want, though. Before you book, ask the right questions. This way you know what you’re getting and there aren’t any ugly surprises on your big day.

What’s Your Style?

Every wedding is unique, just like every DJ is unique. Make sure your vibes match. Discuss what you want and then look at the DJ’s style. Ask to see videos or talk to past clients. You’ll know right away if it’s a match. You may even ask to stop in at an event. Nothing compares to seeing the DJ live in action. Of course, get the DJ’s permission before doing so.

Do You Know the Venue?

Does the DJ have experience at your chosen venue? If not, he may need to do some work beforehand. What are their power requirements? What does the music sound like there? Does the DJ need any extra equipment to ensure the night’s a success? If he doesn’t know your venue and won’t do the due diligence – move on.

Can I Meet my DJ?

Make sure you meet the actual DJ – the one that will run your night. Talking to the company gives you an idea of what they offer, the costs, and a general rundown of the night’s events. But, talking to the DJ himself gives you even more perspective. Dan Rotunno of Moving Music, a team of wedding DJs in Buffalo NY, says, “When you’re talking to the company, make sure you talk to the DJ too. They’re the person who’s going to be with you the whole night. You want to see what kind of energy they have, ‘cause that’s what they’re going to bring to you at your special event.”

Do You Do More than One Event a Day?

DJ’s that overbook themselves don’t have the energy required to run a wedding. If you want a high-energy DJ at the top of his game, you want one that’s ‘fresh’ for the night. Make sure your DJ will have the energy to provide the attention, excitement, and energy you want at your wedding.

Who Picks the Music?

Do you have a playlist in your mind already? Some DJ’s won’t play it. Ask this question beforehand. If you have an entire list or just want the DJ to accept requests, ask the question. Some DJ’s have a predetermined playlist and won’t veer from it. This doesn’t allow customization for your big day and should be a sign to look elsewhere.

Are you an ‘Emcee’ too or Just a DJ?

Some DJ’s just play music; they don’t interact with the crowd and they don’t act as emcee. Instead, they pass the buck along to another member of the venue’s staff. If you want an exciting and engaged DJ that gets the crowd’s energy up, make sure you hire open that takes on the entire role – not just plays music. Sure, someone else may be able to make the announcements, but it won’t be with the same energy and excitement as a DJ.

What do you do if No One is Dancing?

No one wants an empty dance floor at his or her wedding, but it happens. Does the DJ interact with the guests, operating on the fly to get more people out there? Does he just change the music and hope the dance floor will fill up again? Ask this question specifically if you want a packed dance floor all night long.

Do You Have a Back-Up DJ?

Life happens, whether illness, accident, or some other emergency, a DJ should have a backup plan. Ask your DJ’s specific plan. Does he have someone booked ‘just in case’? Does he pull from a local DJ association? Know the plan so that you aren’t left scrambling at the last minute and on your big day should something happen.

Ask any potential DJs these important questions. Listen to the answers and compare how they fit into your vision. If it’s not a match, keep looking. The DJ is one of the most important services you’ll pay for at your wedding as he can set the tone for the entire night.