Top 10 “Do Not Play” Songs Forbidden by Couples in 2019


You are in charge of your wedding playlist, no matter how much it might upset your guests. You and your fiancé may have a list of songs that you just don’t want to hear at your wedding. Whether they’re overplayed, you just don’t like them, or just not right for the wedding scene, couples agree the following 10 songs just don’t make the cut.

The 10 Songs Couples Won’t Allow

So which songs make the ‘do not play’ cut?

1. Chicken Dance

Yes, it’s fun the first few times. After a while, it’s just overkill. People are over it and couples just don’t want it at their wedding, especially if it’s a formal affair.

2. Macarena

It was a classic 20 years ago. Everyone was doing it long before other line dances became popular. Today, some millennials don’t even know what it is and if they do, they’ve moved onto more modern line dances.


Now we all love the YMCA and the Village People for that matter, but again, enough is enough. It’s not that couples don’t love the YMCA, they just want something a little different from their parents, and other relatives had.

4. Hokey Pokey

We all love putting our right hand in and our right hand out, but not at a wedding. Adults play that song with their toddlers at nursery school. No one, especially couples, wants to hear that at their wedding.

5. Electric Slide

The Electric Slide was around way before the Whip and the Nay Nay, but you probably don’t want it at your wedding. Sure, it’s fun, but it’s pretty basic. Today’s dance moves are a lot more sophisticated thanks to YouTube and Tik Tok. You and your guests probably want something a little more modern.

6. Happy

Yes, we all know you are happy at your wedding, but we don’t need to play the Pharrell Williams song yet again. This is one of those much overplayed songs that no one wants to hear anymore. It was a hit a few years ago, but today it’s just not as fun.

7. Love Shack

The B-52s had quite a hit with Love Shack, but today’s couples don’t love it anymore. Again, it’s been replaced by so many other fun songs that many couples just don’t want it on their list.

8. Cotton Eye Joe

Unless you have a country themed wedding, you may not want the Cotton Eye Joe played at your wedding. Many people won’t even know what it is, so it could leave your dance floor rather sparse as your guests look around at one another wondering what’s going on.

9. Cha-Cha-Slide

Are you tired of sliding to the left and sliding to the right? Don’t worry, many couples feel the same way. Again, it’s one of those line dances that had it’s time in the spotlight, but couples have long since moved onto other dances.

10. I Gotta Feeling

We all know your wedding is ‘gonna’ be a good night. Couples don’t need to announce it with the I Gotta Feeling song. This is a case of an overplayed song that makes couples groan when they hear it at weddings today.

Now, don’t get us wrong – if any of these songs speak to you, by all means, have them at your wedding. It’s your special day and you get to choose what does and doesn’t get played. Go over your list with your DJ and make sure you are specific about the songs you don’t want played if you allow guest requests.