Wedding Band or DJ: What Should you Choose?

Wedding Dj

Choosing the music for your special day is a big decision. Do you want live music or a DJ? Keep in mind, the music sets the tone for your special night. How do you know what you want? We help you explore your options below.

What’s Your Budget?

If your decision comes down to money, DJs typically cost less than a wedding band. Of course, every DJ and band differs in price, but overall, you’ll spend less hiring a DJ. You can often negotiate with DJs, scale down the services, or choose an ‘off’ date to save some money. Bands typically have less room for negotiations, making them cost more.

What Type of Music do you Want?

Do you have one specific type of music in mind? Maybe you love country or rock music. Or do you want variety? If you have one type in mind, a band works great. Cover bands typically mimic one genre of music or even one specific band. Other bands have their own style, which you should know before choosing them.

DJs, on the other hand, offer a greater variety. They can literally play any pre-recorded music they have available. You can meet with your DJ before your wedding day and provide the desired playlist or discuss options. You want a DJ that offers the music you want, though. For example, if you want oldies, but the DJ specializes in today’s hits, he may not have the extensive playlist you desire.

Both a DJ and a wedding band can typically play a decent mixture of fast and slow songs. Think about the genre or music style you want to help you decide. If one style doesn’t come to mind, choosing a DJ will give you the wedding night you desire.

The Venue’s Space

If you’ve chosen your venue already, ask about the room available for your music. Do they have room for a large band? Is the room set up to make the band’s music sound appealing or will it be too much? Paying for a band that doesn’t sound good won’t make for a good night.

Even if you hire a DJ, ask the venue about the equipment. Are they capable of handling what the DJ will bring in? Has the DJ worked at your venue before? Will the DJ have to bring any special equipment to accommodate the venue?

The venue plays an important role in your decision between a DJ and a wedding band. Some venues just aren’t cut out to accommodate a band, but are the perfect option for a DJ that will keep your dance floor hopping all night long.

What Type of Interaction do you Want?

Do you need someone that will get the crowd up and going at your wedding? Bands come in, play music and that’s it. Yes, they interact with the crowd a little bit, but not to the degree that a DJ offers. If you want someone that will interact, play games, and make announcements for you, a DJ is the right choice.

If, on the other hand, you and your new spouse have a band you especially love or that has special meaning, you may work around the other services a DJ would provide just for the sentimental value of having your special band.

Will Breaks Bother You?

Musicians take many breaks. They work hard performing for you, and need to sustain their energy. They may break to eat, drink, and just rest. This leaves your party with recorded instrumental music, but not the excitement of the live band.

DJs take fewer breaks and keep the excitement going all night long. If a DJ does break, it’s typically during a song that’s playing, keeping the excitement in the air going. Many people don’t even realize that the DJ is taking a few minutes for himself.

What Should you Choose?

Choosing between a wedding band and DJ is a personal decision. Think about what you want on your special day. If you want variety, guest engagement, an emcee, and more than music, choose a DJ. Of course, not all DJ are created equal. Shop around, get to know the actual DJ that will handle your event, and even check them out in person to make sure it’s the right fit for your wedding.