Wedding Ceremony Classics That Never Get Old

wedding ceremony

Music is the heart of every wedding. It sets the tone with the tunes wafting through the church or venue. You have the power to set that tone by choosing the right wedding ceremony songs. Think about what type of setting you’ll have at your wedding. Is it a glamorous, modern, rustic, or toned down wedding?

Do you want to keep things traditional or shake things up a bit? Below we discuss the wedding ceremony classic songs that just don’t get old. People love them and get all weepy and sentimental upon hearing them.

Are you the sentimental type that wants to stick to the classics? Keep reading to learn which songs will send your guests’ hearts soaring.

The Prelude Music

As people come into your ceremony, there’s an air of excitement and romance. Let the music set the tone by choosing classical songs that get everyone in the mood for a romantic wedding.

Prelude in ‘C’ by Bach

Spring Four Seasons by Vivaldi

Ava Maria by F. Schubert

Seating the Family

Once the guests have settled, it’s time for the family to walk down the aisle before the bride appears. Each wedding is different; some walk only mothers down the aisle, while others include all special family members, including grandparents. Some music to create the perfect environment includes:

Arioso by Bach

Meditation from Tais by J Massenet

Wedding Party Processional

After the family, the wedding party starts to make their way down the aisle. The wedding party typically has its own music walking down the aisle, announcing the start of the wedding:

Trumpet Tune by H. Purcell

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach

Flower Duet by Leo Delibes

The Bride’s Processional

When you come down the aisle, you should have your own unique music. Choose music that makes you feel happy, excited, and romantic. This is one of the most special times in your life.

Canon in ‘D’ by Pachelbel

The Bridal Chorus by Wagner

Cello suite No. 1 by Bach

The Swan (Le Cygne) by Saint Saens

Music Throughout the Ceremony

Aside from the traditional church music (if you have a church wedding), you may need to choose songs for special times like lighting the unity candle or for ‘prayer’ time during certain times of the ceremony. A few good options include:

The Prayer by Celine Dion

Ava Maria by F. Schubert

Recessional Music

The recessional music should be lighthearted and happy – you are now husband and wife! As you walk back down the aisle beaming with joy, choose from the following songs:

Ode to Joy by Beethoven

The Wedding March by Mendelssohn

Panis Angelicus by Andre Bocelli

Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music Together

Make choosing your wedding music something you do together. It’s one of the first of many decisions you’ll make as husband and wife. Choose music that brings both of you joy and happiness. Whether you have songs that have special meaning or you hear all of the songs for the first time together, choose those that make your heart sing – this is your special day.